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Why is the brides hair more expensive?

   Bridal hair is more expensive because it involves extra care and detail, adding in extensions, veils, and other hair pieces require extra time and skill.  There is also a ton of "behind the scenes" work that goes into booking brides-- scheduling trials, answering e-mails and phone calls, working with your other vendors to create a timeline that makes sense for your day, making sure everything goes smoothly.

Why is wearing my hair down and curled the same price as an updo?

  Contrary to what people think, sometimes wearing your hair down can be harder than an updo. Generally, I curl and pin the hair— sometimes having to curl it twice, add volume, and make sure every piece is perfect before you walk down the aisle.

What is a blow out?

  A blow out is only blow drying the hair. This DOES NOT include hot tool styling. Blow outs are usually for short hair with ears cut out or at least above chin-length (think grandmother/mother). 

I also do blow outs for girls with extremely curly hair or someone that wants a ton of volume that they cannot get with a curling iron and tease.  Blow outs for long hair are $120 and do not include any heat styling. If you want your hair blown out and curled, it is extra. 

Why do I need to put down a deposit?

  The deposit is to secure your date. This ensures no one else will be booked in your time frame AND I won’t be taking any vacations!  The deposit will come off the bridal hair, leaving a balance of $100 on your wedding day.

How will I know if I have to pay an assistant fee?

  I will tell you!  Basically, I require each attendee to have a 45 minute appointment.

For example: if you have 6 people getting their hair done, have to be done by noon, and cannot start before 8, you’ll need an assistant.  If you don’t mind starting at 7:30, you won’t!

When should I book my trial?

  I suggest booking your trial 2-6 weeks prior to your wedding date, that is the closest your length and color will be to the day. You’re always welcome to schedule one months before, it’s whatever you’re most comfortable with!  Some brides like to schedule their trial on the day of their bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or engagement pictures— I do not recommend this. During a trial, we will probably do a lot of tweaking, your hair is going to go through some teasing, product, and your curls will not be as beautiful as you think when you take an updo out.  Please be sure to book your trial at least 2 months before the date you want to schedule it!  

Why is a trial more expensive for an attendee?

  Because it’s the brides wedding!  The bride is paying more for her hair, so I like to give her a break on her trial.

How does the travel fee work?

  Travel is $0.60 cents per mile, round trip, from the salon.  So if Google Maps says your venue is 10 miles from 15108, your travel fee would be $12.00.  That does not include parking and tolls.  But just ask, I’m always happy to give quotes!

If you would like to look at the contract before booking, please click here. 

Know that this is only a sample contract and filling this out will not guarantee your date until there is a deposit down and I confirm that it is on the schedule.

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